About Us

Should Reads is a labor of love created by data nerds.

We’re passionate about problem solving, personal development, and good books. We use statistical analysis and a wide range of data points to analyze which topics are worth reading up on, and then to identify which books are the best on those topics. 

Our process takes into account…

  • What new topics are reputable publishers focusing on?
  • What are the related trends in social media? 
  • Which books on a subject are most frequently purchased?
  • How many reviews does a book have, and what’s being said about it?
  • What are the books ratings, and what’s the distribution of positive vs negative ratings?
  • Which publishers have good reputations for quality?
  • Which books are often being bought together or with other related products?  

We’ve been refining our formulas for a few years and want to use them to help others. So we’ve automated the creation of Top Books lists, and laid out the best nonfiction books to read on topics with emerging or notable popularity. In other words: we built the lists of what you should read

Do we really think you should read every single book on this site? No, not really. We do, however, think it’s probable that there’s something genuinely valuable here for you, so we’ve done our best to curate this information so you can find it easily. 

Did our recommendations help you find an amazing book? Please reach out to tell us how these books impacted your life, or suggest a topic for us to cover. Just send us an email at hello@shouldreads.com. 

And while it’s totally up to you, we’ll appreciate it if you click our Amazon links. We’ll get a tiny kickback from each book you buy through that method (at no additional cost to you) because of their affiliate program. This will help support us so we can keep this project going. 

Thanks for reading!